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About Us
The Retail and Hospitality industry landscapes have rapidly changed over the last decade. A successful business from either industry in the near future is an amalgamation of online and offline - omnichannel.

The four foundational pillars of such a successful omnichannel business are product & service, infrastructure, customer acquisition and customer engagement. Businesses have loosely adapted each of these four pillars, and in hindsight, those which failed lacked in one or more of these focus areas - customer engagement being the most commonly overlooked.

In this day and age where technology has become more of a necessity than a luxury - customer engagement technology is revolutionizing the industry landscape. Standing at the forefront and pioneering this revolution is Hashtag Loyalty - what started as a technology upgrade to paper-based loyalty punchcards, has today evolved into an enterprise-grade omnichannel customer engagement & marketing automation platform. We enable businesses to capture first-party customer data via experience enhancing touchpoints, understand this data through actionable insights and engage with these customers at scale in an automated, highly personalized manner.
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An incubator that aims to create a conveyor belt of scalable and growth oriented businesses, by providing an entrepreneur and community centric approach to incubation and angel investing, with a focus on giving individuals the autonomy and resources to grow.
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An global investment fund actively focusing on food, hospitality & technology investments in India. Led by Anish Malhotra, a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has founded and started several hospitality businesses in India & United States.
Board members & advisors
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Anish Malhotra
Managing Partner,
Ahimsa Capital
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Ludivine Noirel
Ahimsa Capital
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Sauvik Banerjee
VP, Tata Industries and CTO, Tata Cliq
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